Supermundane - Burgess Re-Covered Exhibition

This was Rob's contribution to the Burgess Re-Covered Exhibition as part of Manchester Design Week. The brief was to interpret any of Anthony Burgess' novels. Rob picked Inside My Enderby, a story about a failing poet who worked mostly on the toilet. 

Frank Bauer - ARC Award

Frank recently won a silver ARC Award in the Photography Global Responsibility Report category for a Merck project he shot earlier this year. The project features Bhavya Vijay Vakila, an anaesthesiologist from Mumbai and Shinto Primasara, a doctor and mother of three from Indonesia whose children all suffer from hypothyroidism (an area Merck does a lot of research into).

Supermundane - Orgasm Addict Reframed

Rob was one of 120 designers to rework the original Buzzcocks Orgasm Addict record sleeve for a tribute exhibition curated by DR.ME for Design Manchester. All the covers use the iconic blue and yellow of Malcolm Garrett's original design. You can see all 120 sleeves in the window of Fred Aldous in Manchester. For more info, click here.