Supermundane - Posterzine

Issue 22 of Posterzine by People of Print showcases Supermundane and includes an A1 poster lithographically printed on GF Smith paper. You can buy one here.

Dean Chalkley - Reverberation

Launching tomorrow at The Book Club, 100-106 Leonard Street, London EC2A 4RH, from 6pm, with DJ sets from Justin Robertson and Rhys from The Horrors. Please RSVP to 



Dean Chalkley - Reverberation

‘Reverberation’ is a new and unique body of work created by legendary Photographer-Director Dean Chalkley and award winning Creative Director Ciaran O’Shea of studio Discordo. 
A series of large images inspired by The Beatles' seminal album ‘Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band’ - a collection of work that does not stop at a safe or retrospective interpretation. Instead the show is a progressive, and at times abstract, reflection of the album, exploring the thirteen celebrated album tracks from a renewed and personal perspective. The work employs a range of different approaches; whether in colour or monochrome, pure photography, amalgamations of print, text, painting or collage, these adroit and unexpected routes reveal the dexterity of the show. 
Considered by critics and music lovers to be one of the greatest records ever made; at 50 years from inception the reverberation of this tremendous work continues to resonate and inspire. 
‘Although I’d heard the album hundreds of times it was like I’d never really listened to it, this triggered something inside of my head that catapulted my imagination and the need to enjoy it in a whole different way.’ Dean Chalkley

Launching this Thursday 7th September at The Book Club, 100-106 Leonard Street, London EC2A 4RH, from 6pm. Please RSVP to


Rosaline Shahnavaz - MIA X Astrid Andersen

MIA has teamed up with Danish menswear designer Astrid Andersen to create a range of merch for her upcoming world tour. “I chose to work with Astrid because she is an independent woman who combines function, sport, simplicity, and futurism,” said M.I.A about working with Andersen. “It all very much suits my personal style because it’s utilitarian—you can wear it to a club because everything is light.” “I admire how strong her entire universe is,” Andersen says of M.I.A. “Her message is strong and pure and her personality is strong-willed and determined—determined to stay on her own path and include people in her vision without outside noise.” She added, “That’s rare to find and that’s what made her so incredible to work with.” The pieces in the collection are signature looks from Andersen’s basketball and hip-hop-inspired Spring 2017 line, but reworked to include colours and artwork from M.I.A.’s AIM album and include an anorak made from 100% recycled plastic and produced by Parley for the Oceans, a sustainability-minded organisation.

Lawrence Watson - Eric B. and Chuck D

Today on BBC Radio 6 Music Hip Hop Hooray celebrates the music, history and stars of a scene which started over three decades ago in New York's South Bronx. It's 30 years since the release of the seminal Eric B. and Rakim debut album Paid In Full, which has gone on to be one of the most influential and important records from one of the golden ages of hip hop. In celebration, BBC Radio 6 Music shows are playing back-to-back hip hop from across the genres which make up its family tree - from soul, jazz and funk to blues and disco. 

Chuck D has frequently cited Eric B. & Rakim's first single, the innovative "Eric B. Is President" for pushing Public Enemy to develop a new sound for their second album, It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back. "It changed the whole terrain of rap," Chuck D said, describing how in awe of "Eric B. Is President" he was upon hearing it originally. 

Lawrence took these classic shots of Erik B. and Chuck D in New York in 1987.

Supermundane - All Of This Exhibition with Q&A

Erased Tapes Records are hosting a Q&A with Rob and musician, Rival Consoles next Thursday 17th August. You can see Rob's All Of This installation and hear about some of the record sleeves he has designed for Rival Consoles. Tickets are limited and are available here

James Brown - New Website

James Brown has a lovely new website featuring projects for The East End Trades Guild, Truman's Beer, The Poetry Society, The Guardian, Walker Books, V&A, Barbican Shop and many more. Check it out here.