Dean Chalkley - Jocks & Nerds

New cover of Jocks & Nerds featuring Richard Ashcroft shot by Dean Chalkley, styled by Mark Anthony Bradley is out now! "Working with Richard is always a buzz. Through The Verve times and all of his solo projects he has always stood up for what he believes in and has something to say, sometimes it can be about the state of the world but conversely it can be much more internal, people, love and emotional pain. Richard is unflinching and can express what we all feel. The first time i met Richard was at Metropolis studios in Chiswick around 2000. It was my first ever shoot for the NME actually. Since then to now I've photographed Richard several times. In 2007 I went on tour with The Verve leading up to the release of their album Fourth. The shoot for 'Jocks' took place on a sunny day in west London on the banks of the Thames. It was one of those kinda magical days...Richard is an extraordinary man. It's an honour to know and work with him." - Dean Chalkley. Watch this space to see more of Dean's work from the Summer issue.