Rosaline Shahnavaz - MIA X Astrid Andersen

MIA has teamed up with Danish menswear designer Astrid Andersen to create a range of merch for her upcoming world tour. “I chose to work with Astrid because she is an independent woman who combines function, sport, simplicity, and futurism,” said M.I.A about working with Andersen. “It all very much suits my personal style because it’s utilitarian—you can wear it to a club because everything is light.” “I admire how strong her entire universe is,” Andersen says of M.I.A. “Her message is strong and pure and her personality is strong-willed and determined—determined to stay on her own path and include people in her vision without outside noise.” She added, “That’s rare to find and that’s what made her so incredible to work with.” The pieces in the collection are signature looks from Andersen’s basketball and hip-hop-inspired Spring 2017 line, but reworked to include colours and artwork from M.I.A.’s AIM album and include an anorak made from 100% recycled plastic and produced by Parley for the Oceans, a sustainability-minded organisation.