SCT Exhibition

Spitalfields Crypt Trust

In Darkness, Light is an exhibition of portraits by Lawrence Watson, inspired by the transformative effect that Spitalfields Crypt Trust has had on the lives of hundreds of people in recovery from drug and alcohol addictions. The event celebrates over 50 years of SCT working with the homeless and those in recovery.

It features faces of some well-known celebrities and Spitalfields locals from the arts and cultural world - people whose lives have felt the impact of addiction and homelessness, or are concerned by these issues. These include the film-maker Ken Loach, acclaimed actor Jonathan Pryce, rock musicians Paul Weller and Noel Gallagher, TV actor and personality Denise Welch and Jo Wood. Other portraits include people who have experienced the harsh realities of addiction and through SCT found the strength to rebuild their lives.

The images have been taken by celebrated music photographer and local boy Lawrence Watson, specifically for this golden jubilee event for SCT. Watson established his first photography studio in Shoreditch 25 years ago, just opposite SCT‟s premises.

The photography style is reminiscent of London portrait photography in the swinging 60s, when SCT was founded. The strong light and shadow in all of the photographs are intended to provoke reflections on our associations with darkness and light – such as moral, emotional, social and religious.

For over 50 years, SCT has been supporting local, often homeless, people to recover from their addictions to drugs and alcohol, helping them to develop self-respect and hope for a real future.

Lawrence said:

“I’m delighted to be supporting Spitalfields Crypt Trust, which does so much important work to help vulnerable people rebuild their lives. I hope that people find this exhibition interesting and thought-provoking, and that, vitally, it inspires renewed support for the charity.”

From 17th June - 27th June, at theprintspace gallery in Shoreditch, London. @theprintspace @recoverypathway